Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is one of the most practiced traditional Kung Fu Systems out 
of China.

Combining the Northern Wrestling and leg techniques with the southern fist and hand 
to hand combat styles,

 Choy Lee Fut also uses the meditation exercises known as Qi Gong, making it a powerful Martial Art and Healing System.

The Teacher Sifu Rodrigo Trupp is a certified Choy Lee Fut Instructor Under Yern Mung Yung (Keeper of the Style) Grand Master Chen Yong Fa  and the Wing Sing Tong of Choy Lee Fut USA.

Sifu Rodrigo is a CNA-Phlebotomist and EKG Specialist and ISSA certified fitness trainer with  over 20 years of experience in Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan Styles; Yang and Chen and healing-Qi Gong.
Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Chicago 
         @ 7765 N. Sheridan Rd.
now offers:

-Personal training and dieting
-Weight Training
-Self Defense
-Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu
-Lei Tao (Chinese Wrestling)
-Sanshou (Chinese Boxing)
-Tai Chi Chuan (Yang/Chen styles,
competition forms)
-Qi Gong 
-Lion Dance
-Private lessons

Weekly schedule includes:
-Monday through Friday
6:00 pm 
Traditional Kung Fu adults
7:00 pm 
Tai Chi Chuan-Qi Gong basics

-Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:oo pm Traditional Kung Fu Kids
2:00 pm Sanshou/Sparring
3:00 pm Lion Dance
4:00 pm Tai Chi and Qi Gong 
For details, requirements or Appointment contact:

-Sifu Rodrigo:trupprodrigo@hotmail.com